Our frames are built for those who love to ride. Whether it's riding on country back roads amongst friends or sprinting for the line at your local crit race. 


We have several options when it comes to frame choice. First you decide on the model and then the build. With the exception of the Especial, all of our frames are semi custom. Each model (except for GVL) is available with a Featherweight tubeset option for an additional cost. Zwei has an option for Columbus SL tubing. Descriptions of each or our models are below.


Each semi custom model is prepackaged to include geometries, tube selection, drop outs, etc. Color choices and build kits are chosen by you. For those that want to be involved in every aspect of the frame design process, then the Especial is your choice. Not only will your frame be based on your decisions, but it will be based on you. Literally. The sky truly is the limit. 




Jon UNO Full Size.JPG

UNO was our very first design and it's our race machine. It incorporates a compact design and an aggressive geometry that will get you long and low. Tube selection oversized and is made with fillet construction. UNO is a bike that is light enough to claim the KOM and stiff enough to win the green jersey on your local sprint. 


Done 1.jpg

Do you enjoy getting dirty? We do too! The GVL is just the machine to get you as dirty as you like. With the ability to fit a 45c tire, it can tackle just about anything you can throw at it. And you'll do it all with a smile on your face. With custom geometry and a custom build kit, your smile will be even bigger. 


ZWEI Especial Full Size.jpg

ZWEI is the bike that can do everything well. Want to go on an epic century? Sure. Want to cruise to the local coffee shop for a latte? Absolutely. ZWEI has a beautiful lugged design with classic geometry to match. The tube selection continues the classic trend and maintains the look and feel of the bikes of old. If you'd really like to stay classy, you have the option of choosing the Columbus SL tubeset. Stay classy my friend. 

The Giro


Some days you just don't want to stop riding. Other days you want to go fast in the Saturday morning group ride. The Giro will inspire you to do both. Our design incorporates a gentle sloping top tube and is available in both fillet construction or using beautiful Llwellyn lugs and drop outs. With room for 28c tires, The Giro will smooth out the roughest of roads and look amazing while doing it.


Below is the pricing for our frame only. For a complete frameset please add the cost of the fork. We also offer build kits if you wish at an additional cost. Our build kits are competitively priced to what you will see online. If you chose to build a complete bike, we will assemble it for you at no additional cost. Please note that deposits are required and are non-refundable. 



Giro Fillet


Giro Lugged


All frames include a one color paint finish with a white or black decal set and clear top coat. The forks can be color matched or painted black. Color choice is almost limitless. If you prefer to go the extra mile, we do offer custom paint work and design. This option can be discussed in our initial  consultation.


We want you to love and ride your bike for many years to come. Each frame comes with a satisfaction guarantee and carry's a warranty against craftsmanship defects for life. Material defects are covered for a period of five years. Warranties for your chosen steel are as follows:

Standard and SL = Life

Featherweight = 5 Years

In the event there is a problem that is deemed to be a material or craftsmanship defect, we will either repair it or replace it based on our discretion. This warranty policy does not cover failures or damage caused by abuse, misuse, or rust. The warranty for each frame is for the original owner and is non-transferable.